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The nation of Wales is our stage:

From forests to beaches, from aircraft hangars to post-industrial towns, village halls to nightclubs.

We bring together storytelling poets, visual visionaries and inventors of ideas. We collaborate with artists, audiences, communities and companies to create theatre in the English language, rooted in Wales, with an international reach.

You’ll find us around the corner, across the mountain and in your digital backyard.

National Theatre Wales has been making English-language productions in locations all over Wales, the UK, internationally and online since March 2010.

We operate from a small base in Cardiff’s city centre, but we work all over the country, and beyond, using Wales’ rich and diverse landscape, its towns, cities and villages, its incredible stories and rich talent as our inspiration.

Our audiences have followed us and Michael Sheen like disciples around his hometown, Port Talbot, to watch The Passion. Some partied with Neon Neon (Gruff Rhys & Boom Bip) in Cardiff, learning the extraordinary story of Italian publisher Giangiacomo Feltrinelli, in Praxis Makes Perfect. Hundreds climbed the foothills of Snowdon to hear poems by the national poet of Wales, Gillian Clarke and witness first-hand the annual sheep-gathering. Others donned wellies to experience Mametz, written by poet Owen Sheers and staged in farmland near Usk, and which offered a chilling glimpse of life and death in a WWI trench. And some joined us online in their pyjamas for Tim Price’s award-winning The Radicalisation of Manning, and learned about a boy from Pembrokeshire who grew to be one of the world’s most influential and divisive political figures, while chatting with other audience members all over the world.

These are just some of the nearly 40 productions we’ve staged on trains, military training grounds, beaches and mountains, in warehouses, nightclubs, tents, village halls, schools, aircraft hangars and libraries, all over towns like Barmouth, Laugharne and Aberystwyth, and in cities from Swansea to Tokyo.

The productions we make are just the tip of the iceberg. Scroll down to read more about our work and how you could get involved - as an artist, a writer, a passionate member of your own community, part of our team or as an audience member…

National Theatre Wales is international in its outlook and is collaborating with a wide range of artists and companies world-wide. We also reflect the many cultures and languages of contemporary Wales.

In its first years, international companies who have made new work for NTW included Rimini Protokoll with Outdoors and Constanza Macras/Dorky Park with Branches: The Nature of Crisis. National Theatre Wales has also invited a number of companies and artists from other parts of the UK to work with us in Wales, including Told by an Idiot, Fevered Sleep and Hide and Seek.

In 2013, NTW created its first work in an international location, with The Opportunity of Efficiency at the New National Theatre, Tokyo. The production was accompanied by a wide range of residency work by National Theatre Wales, including our first international Assembly.

The company started to present its work internationally at the Edinburgh festival in 2011 and has also presented work in London and Berlin


Our commitment to Wales extends beyond its venues, communities and talent, to its future. Every decision we make, be it in programming, production, communications, or administration, is put through a rigorous sustainability test.

We mostly work out of a small office in Cardiff, so it is relatively easy to manage our day-to-day impact; our staff are encouraged to cycle or walk to work, we use public transport as a priority when travelling around the country, and plan each journey carefully when we have to use vehicles to minimise our impact. We recycle and reuse as much material as possible, and only use environmentally appropriate cleaning products.

Meanwhile, we are exploring ways to improve our impact on the environment in terms of our productions. For example, the future use of the sets and equipment informs our decisions when planning a production. We don’t own equipment or facilities of our own, but share assets with other companies and artists. In 2014, we were able to repurpose 90% of our show materials; a good start, but the aim is to reach 100%.

In short, we have three key phrases that we use in planning and executing our work:

Plan more carefully

Share more often

Talk to more people

If you’ve any feedback or ideas on how we, our artists and audiences can work together to be more environmentally responsible, please contact David Evans, Head of Production, at

National Theatre Wales works with artists at all stages of their development ranging from internationally renowned theatre makers to individuals at the very start of their artistic lives.

There is a range of different ways that you can engage with the company, and we are always interested in hearing your ideas. In general we work with Welsh and Wales-based artists, or artists who have an interest in Wales and our way of working. Opportunities for artists include:

All year round:

At certain points in the year:

Hello, I'm Jenny McCarthy
I'm the Finance Officer

Hi, I’m Jenny and I’m the Finance Officer for National Theatre Wales. My journey to National Theatre Wales has seen me work at amazing, raving music festivals and travel all across the World from Europe to Asia, and America to Africa.

Six years ago I decided to swap my festival wellies and holiday bikini for a calculator and Microsoft Excel, and embark on a career in the finance sector. I am currently studying towards an AAT qualification, and hoping to progress towards an ACCA qualification next year (for all non-finance geeks this means I’ll be a fully qualified accountant).

At National Theatre Wales I am responsible for all things finance based, but it’s not all numbers and spreadsheets for me here. We’re all encouraged to be a part of every production and broaden our knowledge of the theatre in general. It’s a fun, exciting work environment and with so many different people and innovative projects, it really is a dream job.

Away from work I like animals, especially pandas, ice cream and sleeping late on Saturdays.

Hello, I'm Ian Hargreaves
I am a Board Member

Ian is a journalist and academic who lives in Penarth. He is Professor of Digital Economy at Cardiff University and lately has been asked to do two reports on complicated subjects.  In 2010 he reviewed creative industries in Wales for the Welsh Coalition Government and in 2011 intellectual property issues for the UK Coalition Government. In 2013, he co-wrote a Manifesto for the Creative Economy with Nesta.

As a journalist, he has been Editor of the Independent and the New Statesman; Deputy Editor of the Financial Times and Director of BBC News.

This is our Welsh Language Scheme, as approved by the Welsh Language Commissioner on 07/07/2014.
View the Welsh Language Scheme here:


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Casting calls for actors are not posted on this page, but are available in the Actors Group on our online Community.

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Pop in for a pot of tea and a homemade Welsh cake?

National Theatre Wales

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Cardiff/CF10 1BW

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+44 (0)29 2035 3070

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Everywhere we go we collaborate with and support an ever-growing network of TEAM members.

These are the people who play a part in everything we do, giving us a truly international reach.

They are our leaders in their communities: they create, inspire, perform, teach, write, organise, run projects, give feedback and make decisions with us on the future of National Theatre Wales.


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