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The nation of Wales is our stage:

From forests to beaches, from aircraft hangars to post-industrial towns, village halls to nightclubs.

We bring together storytelling poets, visual visionaries and inventors of ideas. We collaborate with artists, audiences, communities and companies to create theatre in the English language, rooted in Wales, with an international reach.

You’ll find us around the corner, across the mountain and in your digital backyard.

National Theatre Wales was launched in November 2009, and staged its first production in March 2010.

Operating from a small base in Cardiff city centre, National Theatre Wales creates theatre across Wales, and each production has a unique relationship to local communities and audiences.

For its launch programme, the Theatre Map of Wales, running from March 2010 to April 2011, the company staged a new show each month: 13 productions in all, each one in a different location, and each using a different approach to theatre-making.

National Theatre Wales also undertook a real, in-depth engagement with local communitities: by basing most rehearsals in local spaces; through its TEAM programme, which recruited and trained advocates; and through the NTW Assembly, staged in each location where the company worked - using theatre to engage with debate around local issues.

Behind all of this activity lay a digital presence and an online community that has established the company at the forefront of digital thinking in theatre.

In Autumn 2011, National Theatre Wales began its second season of work, taking shows to village halls, major stages, nightclubs, aircraft hangars and forests. The company also set up WalesLab - an initiative for emerging theatre ideas using the Welsh landscape as an inspiration and laboratory.

"these brilliant offerings from the National Theatre of Wales... mean that we can no longer talk of 'the National' and mean only the South Bank."
- The Observer

National Theatre Wales reinvents the language of theatre every time it puts on a show"
- The Daily Telegraph

The company's third year of productions was based around four in-depth residencies in locations ranging from Anglesey to Tokyo. At the same time, new experiments ranged from the company’s first touring live music gig to the takeover of our local castle!

In its fourth year, National Theatre Wales will make a series of exciting announcements, as each of its new productions is revealed separately.
This year will see the company dig deeper into the places, poetry and passions of Wales, spread the word about the country's amazing art and theatre far and wide, and collaborate with an extraordinary range of artists. Watch this space!

National Theatre Wales has a sister company Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru, which produces work throughout Wales and internationally in the Welsh language.

Hello, I'm John E McGrath
I am the Artistic Director

John is the founding Artistic Director of National Theatre Wales, where he has worked with a wide range of artists and partner companies to develop an award-winning mix of work in theatres and site-specific locations across the country.

For National Theatre Wales he has directed A Good Night Out in the Valleys by Alan Harris (in five Valleys Miners’ Institutes), Love Steals Us From Loneliness by Gary Owen (staged in a Bridgend rock club), The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning by Tim Price (with every show streamed live and hyperlinked online) and In Water I'm Weightless by Kaite O’Reilly (at the Wales Millennium Centre and South Bank Centre) as part of the 2012 Festival, the Finale of the Cultural Olympiad.

John has also worked as a theatre director in New York, London and Manchester. From 1999-2008 he was Artistic Director of Contact, Manchester.

He has published a book about art in the surveillance age, Loving Big Brother: Performance, Privacy and Surveillance Space and in 2005 was awarded the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA) Cultural Leadership Award.

National Theatre Wales works with artists at all stages of their development ranging from internationally renowned theatre makers to individuals at the very start of their artistic lives.

There is a range of different ways that you can engage with the company, and we are always interested in hearing your ideas. In general we work with Welsh and Wales-based artists, or artists who have an interest in Wales and our way of working. Opportunities for artists include:

National Theatre Wales is international in its outlook and is collaborating with a wide range of artists and companies world-wide. We also reflect the many cultures and languages of contemporary Wales.

In its first years, international companies who have made new work for NTW include Rimini Protokoll with Outdoors and Constanza Macras/Dorky Park with Branches: The Nature of Crisis. National Theatre Wales has also invited a number of companies and artists from other parts of the UK to work with us in Wales, including Told by an Idiot, Fevered Sleep and Hide and Seek.

In 2013, NTW will create its first work in an international location, with The Opportunity of Efficiency at the New National Theatre, Tokyo. The production will be accompanied by a wide range of residency work by National Theatre Wales, including our first international Assembly.

The company started to present its work internationally at the Edinburgh festival in 2011 and has also presented work in London and

Just like everyone else we recycle and reuse as much as we can. We use low energy bulbs where possible, use Ecover cleaning products, rarely print and use our company bikes for most short journeys. But these are the low hanging fruit of a Sustainability Policy.

Every decision that a company makes has an environmental impact; when will we put on a show? How do we lay out the office? Who provides our electricity?

We try to consider the environmental impact of every decision that we make and we weigh this against our other responsibilities, responsibilities such as the need to put on shows, the need to have artistic integrity, the need to be a good and considerate employer.

In 2013 we aim to develop a ‘Green Prism’ to assess the environmental impact of our work, and help us make informed choices about what we do and how we do it. Drawing on the work of experts such as Cynnal Cymru and Julie’s Bicycle, and on our own experience to date, we hope to build informed environmental decisions into all of our artistic and production planning.

Hello, I'm Chris Ryde
I am the Vice Chair

Chris is Director of the Savoy Theatre in Monmouth which is one of the oldest working theatres in Wales. He was previously, for 30 years, Equity’s National Organiser in Wales, establishing Equity’s first office in Wales in 1981. He was Chair of The Wales Association for the Performing Arts for 15 years lobbying and campaigning on behalf of the arts sector. He has also been Chair of Audiences Wales and Theatr Ffynnon. He is a Fellow of the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama.


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