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National Theatre Wales

National Theatre Wales is international in its outlook and is collaborating with a wide range of artists and companies world-wide. We also reflect the many cultures and languages of contemporary Wales.

A quick introduction to National Theatre Wales

We are:
• Wales’ English-language national theatre
• Non-building based (making work across Wales and beyond...)

We make work:
• that is site-located (e.g. on beaches, in forests, in village halls, on mountains and across whole towns, but sometimes in theatres too!)
• that is digitally innovative, including live-streaming and gaming, alongside an online community of more than 6,500 members
• with internationally-renowned artists and companies (e.g. Michael Sheen, Gruff Rhys, Frantic Assembly)
• and always with – not just for - communities (esp. through TEAM, our 600-strong network of individuals with a passion for the arts)

Examples of our International Work include:

Sisters - Sisters will be a brand new, contemporary work, co-created by NTW and India's Junoon Theatre, imagined by a group of female artists from India and Wales where histories are intrinsically linked. 

Praxis Makes Perfect - a collaboration with Gruff Rhys/Neon Neon, a wild story of 20th century communism and intrigue in the setting of a theatre-warehouse-gig, invited to Berlin's Foreign Affairs festival at Berghain Night Club.

The Opportunity of Efficiency - a brand new play responding to the nuclear power crisis in Japan, commissioned from NTW by the New National Theatre in Tokyo, written by Welsh playwright Alan Harris and directed by John E McGrath, premiering in a Japanese translation in Tokyo. Alongside the production, NTW brought its unique programme of debates and artist residencies to Japan. WalesLab - NTW's signature artist development programme has worked with artists from Korea, Australia, Japan and Europe, supporting their work in the Welsh landscape and introducing them to new collaborations.

Outdoors and Branches: The Nature of Crisis - NTW was the first company in the UK to commission new work from two of Berlin's leading companies - Rimini Protokoll and Constanza Macras/DorkyPark. Both companies created entirely new pieces in Wales, which they then went on to develop in other international settings.

We are keen to work with partners to extend our international reach in all these areas - touring our work, undertaking new commissions, developing artists, and commissioning international companies. We also travel throughout the world, sharing models with other companies and agencies interested, as we are, in theatre that works in new ways with artists, places and people.

If you are interested in NTW and its work, we would love to hear from you. Please contact: Lisa Maguire, Executive Producer +44 (0)29 2035 3072 +44 (0) 78 5547 0697