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National Theatre Wales

Hello, I'm Stephen Grant
I am the Head of Finance

Hello there. My name is Steve Grant, and I am Head of Finance at National Theatre Wales. A qualified accountant (CPFA), with a BSc (Econ) honours degree in Accountancy from Cardiff University, I’ve been with National Theatre Wales since early 2011.

Born and bred in Cardiff, I am an experienced financial manager, with a track record of achieving improvements in performance and leading the implementation of major technical accounting projects, and the development financial policies, professional networks and training. As a founding member of CIPFA’s Local Government Accounting Panel for Wales, I’ve also developed accounting standards.

Before joining NTW, most of my previous career was spent in local government, most recently as a Chief Accountant for 7 years. Worryingly, of the three authorities that I worked for, only one still exists!

After a career in local government, joining NTW was a cultural leap, but an experience I’ve enjoyed greatly. Being part of such a flexible organisation, that allows individuals the freedom to innovate and to develop, alongside the company, in meeting the exciting challenges facing it during the early stages of its existence, has been a real pleasure. So has been working with such inspirationally creative talents.