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National Theatre Wales

Letting us know about you and your work.
Our online community is at the heart of our communication with artists. To let us know about your work, you should register at and create a profile for yourself.

Try to create a profile that will help us learn about you and what you do, though we understand that some artists are shy and will accept a profile with name and basic details. Please also join a group on the network corresponding to your interests, e.g. Writers, Creatives (including directors and designers); this will help us to keep in touch with you with about relevant opportunities. If you are happy for your work to be open to the public, we encourage you to attach or link samples to your profile. Then send a message to Simon Coates on the network, telling him that you have joined. If you have attached work to your profile, let him know; if you prefer to keep your work confidential, you can send samples of your work to If you have a particular idea that you want to suggest to us, please make this clear in your initial message. We accept submissions from all artists, but we ask you to let us know about your reasons for submitting to National Theatre Wales, and your relationship to or interest in Wales. We will always acknowledge your submission, usually within a week.

We look at what you send us as a way of getting to know about you and your work. Please don’t send unsolicited scripts – partly because we don’t have the resources to read them all, but mainly because we’d be very unlikely to produce a pre-existing script by a writer we didn’t have a relationship with. If you’re a writer and want to send us your work please send us a sample excerpt of a script or scripts – if we want to read more we can contact you to ask for more information. As an indication we’d suggest a maximum of 20 pages of written material or a five-minute video excerpt – to give us a flavour of your work.

Our preferred option would be for you to also send us an idea you are interested in working on in the future. If we were to develop a project with you it’s these we’d be working on, not something you’ve done before. We understand that ideas are very valuable – the ideas are yours and will be treated as confidential. Submission of ideas can be in any format – written, video, audio, images – whatever you think the best way to communicate your ideas to us.

We also want to hear from designers (lighting, sound and set) and would welcome examples of your work.

Artists and Writers Ideas