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6 - 21 November
Covert Locations Between Bristol and Newport and Online


National Theatre Wales & The Space

Conceived by John Norton and Matthew Wright
Directed by John Norton
Digital design by Matthew Wright

The Autonomous Republic of Cymru is an independent state operating a points-based migration system. Its borders have come under increasing pressure, recently - its health and education systems are still free, and there is plenty of work for skilled workers. An outbreak of TB in the Royal United Kingdom of New Britain and Northern Ireland (or NewK) has forced the issue to breaking point. 

Life is no longer safe in the NewK, and Bristol has become the epicentre for illegal migration and a gateway to security and prosperity in the Autonomous Republic of Cymru.

Bordergame offers its players a safe haven from the perils of their old lives. All they have to do is make it from Bristol to Newport, without arousing the suspicions of the Border Agency of the Autonomous Republic of Cymru (BAARC) and its online, volunteer army of Active Citizens. 

Are you game?

Find out more HERE

Scroll down for more information about how to become a live or online player.

Earlier this year, Bordergame won the inaugural Space Prize – a new, biennial £20,000 digital theatre award presented by The Space and BBC Writersroom to encourage theatres across the United Kingdom to create a unique theatrical experience that will be shown on The Space website 

Tickets £16.50 (£17.50)*
Concessions £14.00 (£15.00)*



What to Expect

Bordergame is an immersive, interactive, digital theatre experience that combines real experiences, with game play, theatre and absurdity.

Bordergame is a physical journey across the border, starting in Bristol (NewK) and ending in Newport (The Autonomous Republic of Cymru) There is a simultaneous online experience that allows a second audience to interact and define certain outcomes.

The age guidance is 18+ to reflect both the content of the show and the nature of the production journey. The production will last approximately 2.5 hours, without an interval.

On booking your ticket via Wales Millennium Centre, you will be required to provide an email address in order for your show experience to begin. Please be aware it is essential you provide this information and give permission for us to contact you in order to experience Bordergame.

Tickets are only available in advance. There will not be tickets available for purchase on site.

The world of the physical production is paired simultaneously with a live digital experience and as such, all audience members should be aware that parts of the production will be live streamed at every performance. By completing the registration and attending the production, you are giving National Theatre Wales and its partners permission to film, live stream, record and photograph you both for the livestream and for our own purposes, including archive

Please note: dogs are not permitted at this production.


By train
Please note, the ticket for the show does not include the cost of a train ticket. You will need to purchase a train ticket for the show for travel between Bristol Temple Meads and Newport.
When planning your purchase of train tickets for the show please consider the following:

- your journey to Bristol Temple Meads station
- your journey between Bristol and Newport (for the production itself)
- your journey home from Newport

You maybe able to cover all of the above through one ticket purchase, for example if you are travelling by train from Swansea you could buy an open return to Bristol Temple Meads that would cover your travel to the start location for the show, your journey during the show, that includes a stop off at Newport, and your journey home.

If you are travelling by train from elsewhere you maybe be able to get an open return ticket to Newport. However, check the interchanges on that route as your ticket may not allow you to break your journey at Bristol Temple Meads if it isn't a designated stop on that journey. In this scenario you may have to buy a return ticket to Bristol Temple Meads and then a return ticket to Newport.

Plan train journeys here:

Online Players

Online players of Bordergame will sign up to the Active Citizen Programme of the Border Agency of the Autonomous Republic of Cymru (BAARC).

An Active Citizen's role is to help protect the nation by monitoring the borders between NewK and The Autonomous Republic, watching out for illegal migrants and other threats. The suspected migrants under surveillance are the live audience on the ground.

Once registered, Active Citizens will use an official government website relating to matters of Immigration Enforcement to monitor the border.

Registration to become an Active Citizen is open

Click here to register



Creative Team

Conceived by John Norton and Matthew Wright

Directed by John Norton

Digital design by Matthew Wright

Jean Chan

Associate Producer
Alison John

Creative Technologist
Tom Martin



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