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National Theatre Wales
Autumn 2017

Creative Development

This autumn, National Theatre Wales will launch its Creative Development programme.

Building on the success of WalesLab*, this programme has been developed through rigorous research and in-depth conversations with artists, to facilitate the Company’s connection with creative individuals at all levels of experience and development.

The Creative Development programme will recognise the need for artists to be supported, to connect, to be able to take creative risks and to explore form, by working with National Theatre Wales. There will also be opportunities for those seeking to develop new skills in the field of producing.

The full Creative Development programme, outlining each of these strands and how you can connect with NTW, will be published in this section of the website in the autumn and promoted through our social networks.

Creative Development at NTW is supported by:

Emsee Fairbarn Foundation

Jerwood Charitable Foundation 

 *Running from 2011-2015, WalesLab was NTW’s inaugural programme for new, creative ideas, which significantly contributed to an expanded, more vibrant and ambitious independent arts sector across Wales.