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Defnyddiwch yr opsiynau isod i osod ymddangosiad y wefan hon er mwyn i chi ei ddarllen yn haws

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National Theatre Wales

Artists and Writers Ideas

National Theatre Wales considers the nurturing and development of theatre artists in Wales to be one of its core goals, both as a means to achieve extraordinary new theatre productions, and for the sake of the wider development of Welsh theatre. We want to make it as easy as possible for all artists to establish contact with us and let us know about their work and ideas. We want to focus our resources on activity that will have the most profound impact on theatre making. We want to be equally accessible to artists throughout Wales, and work in a way that supports and encourages other theatre organisations, particularly small and independent initiatives.

With these goals in mind, we have developed guidelines for artists which you can read below.

Short summary (for those who don’t want to read a four page document):

  • Join our online community
  • Tell us you’ve joined
  • Send up to twenty pages of a script/ five mins of video of existing work or an idea in the format that suits you/the idea best to ideas@nationaltheatrewales.org
  • We’ll get back to you
  • Invite us top see your work over a month in advance and we’ll come (some caveats but this is the short version)