Opsiynau Hygyrchedd

Defnyddiwch yr opsiynau isod i osod ymddangosiad y wefan hon er mwyn i chi ei ddarllen yn haws

Maint Testun Dewiswch eich maint testun ffafrir o'r opsiynau isod

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Lliwiau Dewiswch eich lliw gwefan ffafrir o'r opsiynau isod


National Theatre Wales

Common Wealth

"We were drawn to Port Talbot because of the powerful voices that were coming out in the S.O.S campaign. Watching the campaign unfold and the community rally together gave us a hope in a time where we don’t usually see people stand together for what they believe in.

For us, seeing working class leaders organise and inspire communities felt so necessary in a time when working class people are often marginalised from public debate.

Interviewing steelworkers and union leaders has taught us so much about looking after each other, dignity and the importance of saying no.

What’s happening in Port Talbot is specific to the steel works and relevant across the world, demonstrating how capitalism and globalization creates ghost towns with little thought of the people who live and work there. The play speaks to the changing landscape of the UK, the people that get left behind and those that fight.

We see this play as an opportunity to champion and share the wisdom from the Save Our Steel Campaign, for us to remember who we are, where we come from and what we can be."

Evie Manning & Rhiannon White