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National Theatre Wales

Inviting Us to See Your Work

We want to encourage as much production of new work in Wales as possible; particularly by independent and emerging companies and artists. So, if your work is being produced, let us know and we will try our best to come and see it. In fact, if it is being produced by an independent professional-level company (which could include a company that you have set up), it is taking place in Wales, and you let us know about it at least a month in advance, we promise to come and see it (barring unforeseen circumstances), or to send an artist we trust to see it on our behalf and report back.

If the event is a public performance please add the show to our events section on the NTW Community. This allows you to let us and the wider community know about it. Once you’ve created the event send Simon Coates a message on the community letting him know you’ve added the event and you’d like us to come. At our weekly team meetings we’ll look at all the events we’ve been invited to and allocate them to members of staff. The further in advance you do this the better. Like you, we’re very busy and the more notice you giver us the easier it will be for us to ensure we get to see your work. If you give us less than a month's notice we might not be able to see it.

Productions we have seen will always be discussed at our monthly artistic meetings. We consider this the best way to get to know you and your work. We also review and ‘attend’ online projects, particularly if you set them up, or publicise them, through our site. We consider online initiatives to be an important part of the wider theatre picture.

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