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National Theatre Wales

What happens in the future?

If we don’t offer you an immediate opportunity to work with us, we may well be able to offer you an opportunity in the future. This could happen in a number of ways:

  • If a project arises that looks like it might suit your skills and interests, we will invite you to meet with us and the process outlined above may begin.
  • If you have a new project or and idea, just get in touch through the online network. We will always try to look at new ideas, though in some cases we may ask you to wait for a period before submitting new samples of your work.
  • We may have developmental opportunities such as residencies, workshops, courses, or jobs such as our Creative Associates. If these are targeted at a particular kind of artist, or artists at a particular stage of development, we will contact a selection of artists based on our records. If it is a more general opportunity we will use our online groups (e.g. Writers group, Creatives group) to let all relevant artists know about it. Such residencies, workshops, etc may well lead to a new opportunity to suggest an idea for production to us.
  • We may suggest that your project be developed through WalesLab, our artist development initiative, which provides theatre makers with the space, time and resources to begin the development on new projects.
  • Our programme focus and priorities are always under development; so different artists will be appropriate to our work at different times. News of the company’s current interests and activity will be posted on the NTW website/social network.

Artists and Writers Ideas