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National Theatre Wales


What happens next?

One of our core staff, or one of the artists currently working with us will review the work you have sent and it will be discussed at one of our monthly artistic meetings. These meetings are an opportunity to review a range of ideas for new work at National Theatre Wales, and are attended by core staff, artists working with the company, and sometimes board and key volunteers. Discussions at these meetings will always be confidential. We will review and discuss your work as quickly as possible and we will try our hardest always to get back to you within three months. Our response could be one of the following:

The most likely response is that we will let you know we have reviewed your work, and that we will keep in touch to let you know of future opportunities. We will keep a record of our initial reactions to your work and thoughts on ways to support you. This will be a confidential record. We don’t send ‘script reports’ on plays, but we can point you towards people who do if that’s what you need.

If we particularly like an idea you have suggested, or you seem like a good person to be involved in a project we are currently working on, we will invite you in for a meeting. We may also ask you to come and meet us if we want to know more about you.

If we want to take an idea further we may offer you an initial seed commission or research fee. This fee will be to cover your time while developing the idea or pursuing your research. We may also suggest you submit your idea as a proposal to WalesLab, our artist development initiative.

Alternatively we might ask you to be part of the artistic team for one of our productions.

Artists and Writers Ideas