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National Theatre Wales

Who reviews your work?

National Theatre Wales is committed to expert review of your work. However, we consider the company to comprise of all the artists and production staff who are working with us, not just salaried staff, so your work my be reviewed by qualified staff, by artists and producers who are currently collaborating with us on project, by trusted artists and producers who have a record of work with us, or by qualified individuals such as National Theatre Wales board members. All reports will be discussed at our monthly artistic meetings, with follow up and second opinions sought wherever appropriate. All discussions and records about your work will be kept confidential for your protection.

Everyone involved in reviewing or developing an artists work at National Theatre Wales will be expected to work in line with our policies for Equal Opportunities, Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults, and Dignity and Respect in the Workplace. These policies are available to you on request, and if you are ever treated in a way that falls below these professional standards by anyone involved with National Theatre Wales, we ask you to let us know so that we can address the problem as quickly as possible.

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