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National Theatre Wales
22 June - 3 July 2015
Somewhere in Wales


Summercamp is for the adventurous, the generous and the collaborative. It’s for artists who want to try something new, place themselves in the beautiful Welsh landscape and make things happen. Summercamp is at the start of performances, projects, networks and friendships.

Every year we take up to twenty theatre makers and artists with varied experience and artistic backgrounds away to explore ideas, form new collaborations, inspire each other and create exciting possibilities.

What will it be like?

It will be fun.
It will be a challenge.
It will be two weeks long.
It will be full of discussion, reflection and the sharing of your work.
It will be Summercamp.

You will have the space and time to test out your own ideas, work with other members of the group on something new, in a shared indoor working space or outside in the incredible landscape of Wales. There will be interventions offered by invited artists that will help you reflect on your processes. There will be opportunities for you to share with the group what you have been up to, and engage in critical discourse.

WalesLab will provide all artists with group working space, accommodation, food and arrange travel within Wales to the location of the camp. We hope that by doing this you will be able to remove some of the barriers that get in the way of you starting the work the you really want to make.