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Throughout the year


Creating Tomorrow's Theatre

This unique initiative for emerging artists and new theatre ideas places writers, directors, actors, choreographers, designers, performance artists, installation-makers and multi-media experimenters across the landscape of Wales to develop new ideas. Sharing their progress through our digital hub, and inviting local audiences to see their work in progress, our ever-growing community of artists get the chance, through WalesLab, to try out the ideas that will create tomorrow’s theatre.


Current Projects

Rebecca Louise Collins: Re-imagining Llanbedrog

Re-imagining Llanbedrog is a creative investigation into place and people’s memories. Llanbedrog has been an important holiday destination for my family since the 1950’s. Re-imagining Llanbedrog aims to uncover fragments of a personal story combined with the oral history of a popular tourist resort.

Rebecca is a creative arts researcher. Her practice lies between performance, audio-based artwork, and theatre. Rachel is motivated by a desire to experiment with different modes of participatory encounter, bringing people together in order to understand and ask larger questions about what it means to be human from different political and ethical perspectives.

Tin Shed Theatre: The Old Man
Cardiff and Newport.

The Old Man is... A builder of submarines. A fighter of wars. An inventor of biscuits. A clandestine member of society. Delirious. We have many questions at this point. Almost all of them are unanswered.

Tin Shed will be working alongside older members of society, in an attempt to uncover and discover the real story of ‘The Old Man’.

Catherine Dyson: Slideshow

Using the slideshow as a frame and a box of old family photographic slides, Catherine Dyson will be creating a performance which tells the story of the disintegration of a family through the eyes of an eleven-year-old girl.

After studying Drama and English Literature at Hull University, Catherine moved to London where she immediately began to devise and present work. As performer, deviser and writer she has collaborated with many exciting artists including Chris Goode, Uninvited Guests and Redcape Theatre. She now lives and works in Wales

Found&Lost (Nerea Martinez de Lecea and Michele Woodey): The Ballad of Ivor Jones

Ivor Jones was a boy from South Wales, sent to Canada in 1900 by Barnardos, aged 10, to become a British Home Child. Like many other British Home Children, Ivor never returned. This project is a quest to vitalize, through recovery and remembrance, a lost child.

Found&Lost is the combined work of interdisciplinary artists Michele Woodey and Nerea Martinez de Lecea. Together they are mapping a realm characterised not only by things falling apart, but also by the stirring and quickening of things coming to life.

Ruffstylz: Beyond Writer’s Block
Cardiff and Manchester

Beyond Writer's Block is an adventure into emceeing that tries to justify its title. What can be theatrically done with a non-stop, half abstract/half revelatory/all hip-hop stream of rhyme consciousness that peaks at the height of spiritual purpose and meaning?

Ruffstylz is a two times world record holding rapper (Longest Freestyle Rap) trained in acting, physical theatre and improvisational skills by Kompany Malakhi (Bristol) and Nitro Theatre (London). He's part of Associated Minds record label and has performed in and worked on the shows Freestyle Forums, Serious Money (Waking Exploits) and Praxis Makes Perfect (National Theatre Wales). He has a unique, wordplay-heavy style oriented around maximising the power of words.

Tracy Harris and Greg Wohead: Bottled

Bottled began with an image of 100 bottles. This led us to the stories we bottle up and the secrets and lies we hide behind. Exploring texts like DIY wedding and funeral speeches, Greg and Tracy want to make a performance about breaking points. Bottled ends with an outpouring, a smashing of 100 bottles on stage.

Greg Wohead is a London-based writer and performer originally from Texas. He makes theatre performances, one-to-one pieces and audio works and has shown and developed work nationally and internationally.

Tracy is a playwright, filmmaker and performance artist. She makes theatre performances and TV documentaries. She is currently developing her first one woman show ‘Lost Found Stolen’ and her first feature film ‘no vacancies’.

Genaya Parris and Tom Veasey: Seen But Not Heard

Seen but not Heard is a silent theatrical journey, exploring events that shocked Cardiff and the UK. It explores the path of three young men who were wrongly convicted of a murder they did not commit, in one of the UK's most notorious miscarriages of justice.

A second stage of development for this project; Geneya & Tom will work with three performers and a mentor to interview residents of Butetown, uncovering the impact of this story on the community whilst thinking about way to structure the final work.

Tracy Evans: My Real Mother

Is there a single part of us that is more real than the rest of us? One that is hidden behind all the baggage we pick up from our families and cultures? If it exists, then surely it could be felt between a mother and a daughter- after all, for 9 months they were one.
For this project Tracy will create unusual and unfamiliar meetings for her and her mother during a shared journey between Cork and Bridgend, in an attempt to find what lies beneath.

Tracy has used performed extensively with community groups over the last 15 years. More recently, as a member of the arts collective Arts for the Earth, she has collaborated with a number of Bridgend-based artists, as well as developing a series of solo performances.

Sara Davies: Ghost of a Moment
Porth Cawl

Ghost Of A Moment explores the border between infatuation and obsession, fantasy and reality, truth and lies. It investigates the traces of someone that are left behind in a space that person has vacated.

Framed by my childhood growing up in Porthcawl, the piece is a love story of sorts that expands and contracts to fit the context in which it is shown.

Artist, mother, feminist.
I do this so I am not forgotten; to prove to myself that I exist.

Sara’s practice is informed by her background in fine art, live art and traditional theatre; as well as her feminism. Research led, Sara uses a multi-disciplinary approach to create performance that dances on the knife-edge that exists between artist and audience.

Jem and Ella Treays: Transition

Transition is a duet between a father and daughter: a 48-year-old contemporary dancer Jem Treays and his 10-year-old ballet-dancing daughter Ella. Ella is just starting to go on pointe, her dad’s not too happy about that. Transition is a conversation through making and performance that seeks to explore their shifting relationship through the language of dance and film. Within the process they will be collaborating with a film maker to help create the choreography and to capture the making process itself. The team will explore the possibilities of weaving live and screened dance into performance.

Jem is 48, he trained at The Laban Centre and Dartington College of Arts. He has worked as a performer for NDCWales, NTW, WNO, MotionHouse, TaikaBox, and Charlotte Vincent. Jem now works extensively as freelance choreographer and movement director in dance, theatre and opera. He is artistic director of Run Ragged Productions.

Ella is 10 years old. She is Jem's daughter. She attends Ysgol Treganna. She goes to Mandy Morris' ballet school and is a Royal Ballet Associate. Ella has just taken her Grade 3 ballet. She also attends Olypmic Gymnastics club and recently became Welsh Novice Gymnastics champion.

How do I get involved?
If you haven’t already, you should start by signing up to the NTW Community and the WalesLab pages and join the online artist community of Wales. This is where we post the most up to date information about the project and other bits of interesting information to boot.

If you have some questions about how and why WalesLab exists, you can have a look at the “FAQs” page on the Community.

Then, get in touch about your project - If you have a few specific questions about whether your project might be eligible its probably best to get in touch with our Creative Associate, Simon Coates (either by email or via the Community)

If you are ready to just get stuck in, then scroll down to view and fill in our online form and submit it to us. You may want to copy and paste your answers to the questions rather than writing straight onto the form - unfortunately, you can’t save your work and return to it later on the form itself.

I don't like filling in forms - can I apply some other way?
Of course. There's some administrative information we need to collect which requires you to fill in answers on the online form - such as your name etc. However, when it comes to answering questions about your work, you can submit this another way - such as by posting a youtube video to answer the question. If your project is best described by a physical item that you have made you can also send that to us or drop it by our offices.

When will I hear back?
As soon as you have submitted your project idea you will receive an email confirming that it has been received safely. If you don’t, this could be a sign that the form hasn’t submitted correctly or that you have entered an incorrect email address. Either way, you should get in contact with Simon Coates (either by email or via the Community) to let him know.

A supportive and friendly group of people (some representatives from NTW and others who are independent artists or partners of the company) will shortlist from all the submitted projects. If your project has been shortlisted you will be invited in to meet with everyone and discuss your idea in more detail. This happens between 2 - 3 times a year. You can find out when these meetings have been scheduled below.

Here’s the schedule for submissions:

Applications should be with us by noon on the 26th Sep 2014 for a decision by 17th Oct 2014.

Applications should be with us by noon on the 23rd Jan 2015 for a decision by 6th Feb 2015.

That’s it! Easy (we hope).

Please remember that we are always looking for better ways of doing things - if you have any thoughts about how to improve this process we’d love to hear from you.

WalesLab: Submit your idea

How can we contact you?
Equal Opportunities Monitoring - (your answers to the following questions will be kept separately from the rest of the form)

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